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Unknown hallmark JB

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Unknown hallmark JB

created 19 Now. 2017, 18:03
Unknown hallmark JB - h.cx - Hallmarks Forum
Hello, we bought this cutlery set today in the south of France but we can not identify this hallmark at all. The words appear to read SR8RILF. Any information would be appreciated.
Claus Christian
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RE: Unknown hallmark JB

created 21 Now. 2017, 23:27
This is 875/1000 silver...84 zolotniki probably russian.
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RE: Unknown hallmark JB

created 19 Dec. 2017, 00:30
Hi Steve,

Are the marks stamped on either side of the handle on the heel of the forks and also on either side of the handle in the rear of the bowls of the spoons? Knives are usually on the blade near the handle but not always.

I can tell you that they are definitely not Russian.

The marks are of the standard format of French silver plate flatware marks although with a slight variation. The standard was one square mark with a number which indicates the amount of silver used to plate 12 pieces. For some reason 84 grams was quite often used which means it is often confused with Russian and Persian silver which both stamped solid silver with the number 84. The second square stamp contains the makers mark.

Your marks are a little unusual as the plating 84 mark is sometimes followed by a tiny let G or Gr for grams but I have not seen it with letters and symbols.

I suspect that the maker is JB and the star and music stand? symbols are part of his mark as this resembles the registered marks used on solid silver in France. The other mark SR8RIFL or SRBRIFL may be a retailer mark.
Unfortunately I haven′t been able to identify either marks.

I hope the cutlery wasn′t sold to you as solid silver?


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