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W.P Hallmark Confusion!!

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Nikky Spiteri
Messages: 2

W.P Hallmark Confusion!!

created 24 Sep. 2015, 23:08
W.P Hallmark Confusion!! - h.cx - Hallmarks Forum
Hey guys, Ive been handed a box of ″inherited Silver″ from a Great Granny (god bless) and upon sorting and polishing through some pieces i came across 2 standouts that i cant for the life of me work out who? What? & Where? One in particular is the spoon (attached) Is it William Plummer? William Scott? or William Pitts? either way they′re all a bit impressive, but the other marks have me baffled. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
Regards, Nikky
peter johnson
Messages: 7

RE: W.P Hallmark Confusion!!

created 25 Sep. 2015, 19:14
These aren′t silver hallmarks, they′re just fancy marks that some manufacturers add to items to make them look impressive. 5p in a charity shop is about its value. The WP probably stands for Willmore Plate...
Messages: 1

RE: W.P Hallmark Confusion!!

created 5 Sep. 2019, 13:14
I recently bought a fork and spoon with exactly the same markings - look like hallmarks to me, luckily I didn′t pay much for them.

Is there an easy silver test?
surely those markings must mean something, bought mine in Sweden
Messages: 128

RE: W.P Hallmark Confusion!!

created 8 Sep. 2019, 01:46
No need to test as your item is definately not solid silver. The marks are not hallmarks but are makers marks belonging to the prolific spoon making business of William Page and Co of Birmingham. please see here for examples and info: http://www.silvercollection.it/electroplatesilverNOPtre.html#PAG1

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